What You Must Know Before Installing a Home Security System

    Thinking of installing a home security system to protect your home from intruders? Be aware of the following tips before installing, or even if you already have one. They could make all the difference when protecting your home!

    1. Take advantage of your sign!
      Many surveys and studies have found that the efficacy of home protection increases if you use your home protection sign in your front yard! Burglars tend to avoid homes that have alarms installed.
    2. Don’t put all of your faith into your alarm system!
      A study found that it is actually easier for police to catch burglars in the act that don’t have alarms, but more likely to catch them when there is an eyewitness report. This is because 80-95% of alarms are false and usually won’t be responded to by law enforcement unless it has been verified. You could even be fined by your city for repeat alarms.
    3. Modern Systems are improving!
      Home security may still by worth it, but the use and effectiveness of modern systems are improving. Now, you can arm or disarm using a keychain or an app on your smart phone. Some even include safety sensors for smoke and carbon monoxide. You can also access wireless cameras that will stream video to your phone.
    4. Invest in a Camera!
      This can run you less than 100 dollars. It’s been found that most burglars ring the doorbell before entering, so a camera mounted above your door can send you up to the minute video clips to show you when you have a visitor at your door.
    5. Turn on your alarm!
      What good is your alarm system if you don’t turn it on! Make sure your alarm system is turned on every time you leave your home.
    6. Lock all windows and doors!
      Most burglars will enter through unlocked windows and doors, even if you’re stepping out for just a moment. This is a key step in protecting your home from invasion.
    7. Hide your identity!
      Well, at least hide the most important things. Don’t just hide your monetarily valuable items. Hiding your important documents such as your social security card, birth certificate, and other sensitive documents can save you a world of hurt in the future and protect you from identity theft.
    8. Keep your valuables out of the master bedroom!
      That is the first place that burglars will look for your prized jewelry and other valuables! Instead, keep your things in a bolted down safe in your home or at least, hide it in the most unpredictable places.
    9. Clear glass doors are a no-no!
      This will give burglars insight to your home, who is inside and where your possessions are located. If you have glass doors in your home, make sure they are frosted or at least covered by curtains or blinds.
    10. Fences can be more harmful than helpful!
      You may think that your fence is protecting you from intruders, but you may want to reconsider. According to recent study, fences can actually serve burglars by shielding them during their invasion and making it difficult for eyewitnesses to see the burglary taking place.



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