VooDoo Doughnut has FINALLY made it’s way to LA!

    We no longer have to plan a 13 hour road trip to get to the nearest Voodoo Doughnut or send our “road-tripping” friends to grab us a box. If you’ve never had the adventure of visiting Portland or Denver or some other VooDoo Doughnut town, never fear.

    VooDoo Doughnut has finally arrived in L.A.


    According to an article by TimeOut, you will be able to have your very own taste of VooDoo heaven now! The location opened March 9th at Universal Citywalk. The popular tourist and foodie destination, founded by Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson and Tres Shannon, is primarily based out of Oregon in Portland and Eugene, but also can be found in Austin,TX and even has a location in Taipei, Taiwan!!

    The donut chain is known for their quirky voodoo and pink themed design and over-the-top donut flavors and designs! There are donuts covered in peanut butter cups, M&M’s, your favorite childhood breakfast cereals and more indulgent flavors. Take a bite into a Bacon Maple Bar (our personal favorite.) We haven’t forgotten the infamous VooDoo doll shaped donut that every visitor just has to have!

    You can’t forget to pick up a famous coffee cup that VooDoo Doughnut created in partnership with longtime partner Stumptown, brewing espresso for the first time at VooDoo.

    For all of the Instagram, selfie and photography lovers out there- VooDoo donut promises amazing photo opportunities since just about everything in the place makes for an awesome snapshot!

    Be aware that VooDoo Doughnut is currently in a soft opening until is grand opening sometime in April. Check here for hours and information!



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    All photos by Rozette Rago. Images/rights belong to respective owner.

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