Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples & Singles!

    We know Valentine’s Day is four days away, but we want to give you time to organize, whether you’re celebrating as a couple or single! Want to do something unique for Valentine’s Day?  We’ve got the perfect list for you!


    Galentine’s Day
    Have a Galentine’s Day! This is for the single gals (or guys) out there that would rather be celebrating with their friend’s for the holiday! Or you can choose to do Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day or separate days! Enjoy crafts, sports, movies, drinks, snacks, a spa dates, exchange gifts or do just about anything you think is fun!

    Make a book.
    You can make a booklet about your spouse to show them all the things you love about them! Crafts just aren’t your thing? Check out www.lovebookonline.com. Time’s ticking, but you can use this site for birthday, anniversary’s or just because all year long!

    Enjoy dinner at the spot you had your first date.
    Or even where you first met (Have a picnic or eat nearby and visit the spot you meant.) This is a sentimental and sweet way to celebrate with your Valentine.

    Send your loved one on a scavenger hunt.
    Okay, now this one is for the dedicated. You can send your sweetheart on a scavenger hunt by leaving them little clues and notes that lead them to a special dinner, restaurant, picnic or anywhere special!

    Make a special getaway of it.
    Okay so if staying at home isn’t cutting it for you, you can always make a special getaway of it! You can make the common romantic getaway of a hotel, dinner and maybe a show. However, new experiences area always meaningful. Why not visit a place you’ve been wanting to go? Share the adventure of exploring together!

    Break out the sticky notes!
    Get creative with these! You can leave notes around the house for your partner with reasons why you love them. Leave them places that you know your spouse will run into such as the bathroom mirror, the shower door, the refrigerator, on the door, on their bag or briefcase, on the table, on their car and so on and so on…

    Have an indoor picnic for the family. 
    Spending Valentine’s day with the kids? This can be indoors our outdoors. Grab some takeout with your family’s favorite food, lay a blanket down, pile up the pillows, pop in a movie and have a picnic on your living room floor. This can become a family tradition!

    Have an in-house candlelit dinner for two.
    Who says you can’t enjoy a romantic Valentine’s day from the comfort of home? This can be extra specially when the honey who doesn’t normally cook does the cooking, but ordering in is good too! Treat this like a hotel getaway- complete with a bubble bath or massage and a movie you’ll both enjoy!

    Long distance doesn’t meant you can’t be romantic.
    Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and so does a sweet care package for your loved one. You can fill their package with goodies that are all red or pink, add a handwritten note or booklet, send them a special gift and maybe a framed photo of yourself!

    Get a special gift that your spouse will look forward to!
    Think about getting your spouse a gift they will really enjoy! Get gifts that keep on giving like a subscription for a dozen beers a month through the beer club, monthly wine or cheese deliveries and more at  www.amazingclubs.com.

    We didn’t forget the singles. Apart for Guy or Galentine’s Day, there are tons of events you can check out locally! Places to go for singles!

    You can still be traditional with your Valentine’s Day.
    Many prefer the traditional Valentine’s Day out. Send your partner 11 roses and hand deliver them the 12th. Visit a great local restaurant and don’t forget to make a reservation ahead of time! Places to go for couples.





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