Top 5 CHEAP Upgrades for Your Home!

    Today we want to talk to you about 5  things you can do to spruce up your home for CHEAP!
    If you are thinking of selling your home, these are quick and simple upgrades that will attract
    buyers and add value without breaking the bank.  And if you’re not thinking about selling
    right now, these upgrades can really add to the enjoyment of your own home.

    Here they are, our Top 5 CHEAP Upgrades to Your Home, starting with…

    De-clutter: Have you ever walked through a model home? No matter what the size, they
    always seem bright and spacious and this is likely due to www. The family room may
    have a sofa, coffee table, and two chairs but all the extra items that we tend to
    accumulate over time have been removed. De-cluttering your rooms, closets, and
    cabinets is a great way to make your home feel bigger, to give Buyers the sense
    that storage is not an issue, and to allow for easy flow throughout the home.

    Re-paint: It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! Painting an accent wall will
    really make your home feel special. If you have kids or pets, chances are, your paint could
    use some touching up near the floor. Scuff marks, hand prints and more may not be
    noticeable in photos but when a Buyer walks through your home, they’ll be paying attention
    to that and not how great your house is. Think about painting your ceilings white to
    reflect more light and make a space feel larger.

    Decorate: We all live in a fast paced world and decorating our homes may not be
    our first priority. But when you think about it, you spend a lot of time in your home and the
    environment that surrounds you should feel beautiful and inspiring. We’re so lucky to
    have the resources of the internet and home good stores that offer abundant
    selections of great accent pieces. You can make your home feel special and the best
    part is, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.
    If you like these first three ideas, watch the video here for our TOP 2 TIPS to spruce
    up your home, CHEAP!

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