Top 10 Quick Fixes to Make in Your Home!

    These QUICK fixes will make all the difference in your home without making you cancel your weekend plans!

    Dusty Chandelier
    What good is a luxurious chandelier if it’s coated in a layer of dust? Quickly fix that right up by using some white cotton gloves. Dampen one with some glass cleaner, using that hand to wipe down the chandelier first, then touching it up with a dry one. Note* If crystal is present, use one part rubbing alcohol to three parts distilled water to clean.


    Squeaky Door Hinges
    Get rid of that annoying squeak with the magic of WD-40. Spray a bit on the hinges and open door back and forth to penetrate the surface. You can also try to rub the hinges with petroleum jelly. Still squeaky? Try lifting the hinge pins and lubricating them with 3-in-1 oil. Make sure you have a rag to catch excess dripping!


    Stained Bathtub
    Now this can be frustrating. Think you’re doomed to have a permanently stained tub? Maybe not. Try some cream of tarter, baking soda mixed in equal parts. Add lemon juice until you can work the mixture into a paste. Use gloves to rub into the stain with your fingers or a cloth. Sit one hour, then use water to rinse well!


    Peeling Wallpaper
    Grab a knife and start swiping some wallpaper paste onto some writing paper. You can rub the paper on the bottom of the peeling section, press wallpaper against wall, slide the writing paper out and smooth out the bubbles with a cloth! Voila! Peeling wallpaper will no longer drive you up the wall!


    Worn Out Caning
    Think your furniture with worn out caning is forever doomed to sag and bulge. Never fear, if the drooping is slight, that is perfectly normal. Use this quick fix to touch it right up! Tighten your caning by using a wet sponge and dampen the underside of the caning with warm water. Let dry slowly overnight. You can repeat this process if needed.


    Jammed Sliding Door
    Did you know there’s a fix for this? Spray on some silicone spray lubricant that you can find at hardware stores. Spray it onto a rag and wipe along tracks and your sliding door problems should improve dramatically! You can use this technique for metal, wood or plastic!


    Slamming Door
    Ease your slamming doors by adding some peel-and-stick foam around the doorstop. You can also get a wide rubber band and wrap it around the doorknobs on either side. Just make sure not to cover the latch!


    Stubborn Lightbulb Removal
    Ever wonder how many people it takes to remove a stubborn light bulb? We have the answer- one. Just press the center of a foot-long strip of duct tape onto the middle of the bulb. Then fold each loss and so it sticks to itself. While you grip each end between your thumb and index finger, make a twist to loosen the bulb and you’re all set!


    Flattened Cushions
    What could be less inviting than a flat cushion? Place your cushions in the sun for a few hours and flip halfway through the process. Disclaimer- this process can fade the fabric so keep an eye on the cushions! The sun will assist in evaporating any trapped moisture. Watch your pillows plump before your eyes!


    Dry Cutting Board
    A dry cutting board makes us cringe! Don’t worry – there’s a simple fix for that. Warm up a bottle of pure mineral oil in a bowl of hot water. Wipe the oil onto the surface with a gentle cloth. Let sit for four to six hours, then wipe excess. Your cutting board should be like new!




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