Tips to Setup Your Bedroom for the Best Sleep!

    Sometimes it feels like there are just not enough hours in a day to accomplish everything we need to do. We compromise on our sleep by sleeping fewer hours and when we do, our quality of sleep is often lacking. How can we maximize the quality of sleep we get? The obvious tip is to get a sufficient amount of sleep each night, but thanks to this great article by House Logic and some investigating of our own, we found these great tips to equip your bedroom for better sleep!

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    Lights Out!
    This is a huge factor to getting a good night’s sleep. Many people feel as though they need a night light to sleep or that they get better sleep if they have it, but this is just not the case. Night lights or any light that enters your room is actually associated with causing lower levels of melatonin in the body. Consider purchasing black out curtains or dark curtains that will keep the light out! Also turn out night lights or any other lights in your room.

    Keep It Tidy!
    Devote time everyday to keeping your bedroom tidy. This means remove any clutter and keep laundry organized. This will bring you peace of mind and peaceful sleep.

    Toss the TV!
    Okay, we’re only kidding, but we do suggest that you remove your TV from your bedroom. Just as previously mentioned, the light from TVs is just one of the ways that light can lower your melatonin levels, even if you’re watching just before bedtime or to help you fall asleep. The light from TVs and other electronics can also do the same. Also, using objects such as smart phones or tablets before bed, reading texts and emails and surfing the web just before bed can be stressful and negatively impact your quality of sleep.

    Make Sure Your Bedroom is Just… a Bedroom.
    Don’t make your bedroom a multi-functional place, such as an office or a gym. Your bedroom should just be for sleep, private time and relaxation. Don’t bring stress into your bedroom!

    Soundproofing is a Must!
    Keep your doors and windows closed to prevent any noises from entering your room. Having a padded headboard can also help with noise. Talcum Powder can help with squeaky floors in the middle of the night.

    Breathe Easy
    If your neighbors aren’t too noisy and the weather permits, try sleeping with your windows open if you can do so safely or frequently air out your room throughout the week. This helps to lower levels of carbon dioxide and improve your quality of sleep. Another great option is to have some indoor plants to increase your air quality. Air purifiers are also a great help to improving air quality.

    Set the Tone!
    Painting your room a cool blue or another cozy color will help add to your rooms coziness and your overall sleeping experiencing. Having a visually relaxing space will help rid you of stress and aid you in falling asleep.

    Smells Cozy!
    Once you have the perfect look for your cozy room, consider the fragrances that will help improve your sleep quality. Consider relaxing scents such as jasmine, vanilla or lavender, which are most popular. They are also linked to relieving depression and reducing insomnia. This will help to keep you feeling good when you are awake.



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