Tips to Never Water Your Lawn Again!

    Here’s how you can get away with never having to water your lawn again (or at least, not nearly as often.)

    Get ready to save time and money. You can have a lawn that’s not made entirely of wood chips or concrete and never have to water again.



    Stay local.

    …Well, your plants should stay local. Pick locally adapted plants that stay lively and are adapted to the conditions of your region. These native plants do not waste water and are able to survive with minimal care on your part. However, make sure to nurture these plants with plenty of water when you first plant them.


    Hardscaping helps.

    This means what it sounds like it means. Add some hard surface landscaping to your yard such as gravel pathways, stone walls, patios and more. You can even add some entertainment space such as a grilling station or fire pit in your back yard!

    “And (bonus!), according to the “Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features” from the National Association of REALTORS®, which produces HouseLogic, new patios, outdoor fireplace, and fire pits are among the top-10 projects for appealing to homebuyers and adding value for resale.” – House Logic


    Sometimes it’s okay to fake it.

    Good synthetic grass is durable, looks good for a long time and feels great when you walk in it! Research a good grass that has all of these qualities and you’re all set! Now, you can research a contractor who is experienced in installing synthetic turf and enjoy years of water-free grass.


    Invest in some good ol’ cacti and succulents. 

    You don’t have to be a desert dweller to have cacti in your yard. They can be a gorgeous addition to your outdoor space, require minimal attention and add lots of character! Cholla cacti can be especially durable in various weather conditions. Succulents are also a wonderful solution to your watering struggles. There are endless varieties of unique succulents with awesome shapes and colors.





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