Tidy Up for the Holidays

    The holiday season is upon us, which means you’re probably goinh to be having company. Before you put the turkey in the oven, follow these tips to make your home guest ready for the holidays!


    First Impressions Matter If you have a front lawn, make sure your lawn is groomed. If you only have a front porch or doorstep, make sure you get rid of any dead plants or mess. Tidy up the space and even add a touch of holiday spirit with a festive wreath. For some great holiday DIY wreath ideas, go to Good House Keeping for Thanksgiving wreath ideas and Country Living for Christmas wreath ideasAlso, be sure to tidy up your home’s entry way. You can wipe down your door and surrounding walls free of dirt, cobwebs, and more. Make sure your doormat is shaken out or vacuumed. You might even want to invest in a festive one for a great holiday welcome.

    Tend to the Kitchen
    We know that the kitchen is going to get a bit messy during the holidays, especially during Thanksgiving, but even if you are still cooking when your guests arrive, tidy up the kitchen as the guests will want to gather around the food. Clean your kitchen surfaces and pay attention to the details such as splashes on the walls, cabinets and light fixtures.

    Polish the Porcelain Throne!
    Don’t forget to clean your toilets! Your guests will need to go and you will want them to be a welcomed by a clean, fresh restroom! Make sure to give it a deep cleaning, especially on surfaces you might usually neglect.

    Rethink Your Sinks!
    Be sure to care for your garbage disposals. You can do this by tossing down a whole, but chopped lemon into the disposal and grind it up! This will leave your disposal pristine and smelling clean! Also, consider investing in castile soap, which can act as a one-stop-shop for soap. You can use it as a hand wash, dish washing detergent, mopping solution and more! Later, you can even use it for shampoo. This can be handy for easier clean up.

    It’s All About the Details
    Make sure you clean up the things you normally may overlook. Vacuum under the furniture, shake out your pillows and vacuum between cushions. Don’t forget to wipe down the chairs your guests will be sitting on. Also, be sure to clean your windows! Dust and handprints can be unsightly, so don’t forget to spray and wipe them down!

    DIY Cleaning Products
    Save a bundle on cleaning products by using natural cleaners such as vinegar for unclogging drains and cleaning off surfaces. You can use a baking soda/water solution to clean up cooking and restroom surfaces.



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