The Best Lunch Spots To Have Your TBG Homes Realtor Take You

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    We all know of the Thrillist, but now it’s time to put their articles, and you, into good use. Below we give you the top 5 lunch spots to have your Realtor take you do discuss the perfect strategy to selling your home. Click the link at the bottom to see the full list!


    1. Arts District

    Bread Lounge
    What you’re getting: Kalamata olive stick with za’tar

    When you’re finally ready to ditch the whole paleo thing, this is where your first blowout lunch should be. The kalamata olive stick with za’tar is a must-get, but there’s also the Balkan-style boreks, pizza-like focaccia, and sandwiches, all of which’re you-should-also-gets.

    2. Atwater Village

    What you’re getting: Falafel sandwich

    What do you get when you combine house-made grilled flatbread, perfectly herbed falafel, hummus, organic pickles, and a smattering of fried potato sticks? The best falafel sandwich in LA, that’s what. It’s from the people behind Echo Park vegan favorite Elf Cafe, but don’t let that deter you — they also make an excellent lamb meatball sandwich.

    3. Beverly Hills

    Paninoteca by Scarpetta
    What you’re getting: House-made pastrami sandwich

    This takeout sandwich counter from Scarpetta would be great no matter where it was, but in Beverly Hills it’s a godsend. Go with the porchetta sandwich with broccoli rabe pesto and a fried egg, or the chicken Parm with burrata, or the house-made roast beef, or the house-made pastrami, or pretty much anything on the menu because it’s all freakin’ delicious.

    4. Boyle Heights

    Mariscos Jalisco
    What you’re getting: Shrimp dorado taco

    There’s a reason this legendary taco vendor has won all the taco awards there are to win. The deep-fried shrimp taco dorado is like nothing you’ve ever had (unless you grew up in San Juan de Los Lagos). The whole taco gets fried with the shrimp filling inside of it, making for a supremely crunchy handheld with a barely cooked moist interior. It’s taco perfection.

    5. Culver City

    Tito’s Tacos
    What you’re getting: Tacos. Duh.

    Guerrilla Tacos only parks in front of Cogniscenti Coffee in Culver City on Wednesdays. And Father’s Office is only open for lunch Friday through Sunday. So that leaves… Tito’s! And before you get all pissed about “authenticity,” there’s this: if you’re one of those people who don’t like Tito’s, then you clearly just don’t like delicious-tasting, shredded beef-filled hard-shell tacos topped with radioactive-looking yellow cheese.

    Source: Thrillist

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