Spring Break Staycation Ideas!

    Want to enjoy spring break without breaking the bank? Try any of these great staycation ideas and save big!



    Be a Tourist in Your Own Town
    Visit your local town or city’s website and research local landmarks. You can also search for local museums and historical sites. Pack up some snacks and make a day of it! You might be surprised about how much history surrounds you that you never knew!


    Have a Gardening Day!
    Nothing says spring like a fresh garden! Consider planting your own food such as herbs, tomatoes and peppers. What you plant all depends on your preference and the amount of space you have in your yard. You can also plant some flowers or water saving succulents. Have your children choose which plants they want to plant and have them be responsible for caring for them in the future. You will get both a great lesson of responsibility and a fun family project!


    Have a movie day or night at home!
    Bring out the home-popped popcorn and treats for a day at the movies– at home! You might even want to have a fun day time baking session with the family to prep for a movie night. Pile up the pillows, blankets and put on your pajamas! It’s time to make a movie line up and have a great movie day/night with the whole family!


    Go Camping in Your Backyard!
    Grab your tents, sleeping bags, lawn chairs, flashlights, some comfy clothes and go camping — in your backyard! Plan some activities such as swimming (if you have a pool) or outdoor water sports, games (such as board games or set up your own), telling ghost stories, barbecuing and making s’mores. Don’t forget your camera and get ready to make some memories!


    Vacation in Town!
    This one’s a bit of a vacation and a staycation! Want a bit more vacation without the travel? Why not get a hotel room in town? You can also get one that is a local drive. Enjoy the spa, pool and other amenities! You can pick a hotel near a fun part of town such as an area near a beach, hiking trails, shopping, or even an amusement park. Get the fun of a getaway without the airplane fare and expensive activities.



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