Quick Tips to Boost Your Curb Appeal!

    Looking for some amazing tips to easily boost your curb appeal?! Well, we’ve got the list for you!


    1. Junk It!
      First things first- Clean up your yard! Take some time to get rid of any trash, junk or items you’ve been storing in and around your yard! Also, be sure to get rid of any unnecessary items such as old broken pots/planters, unsightly water hoses or gardening materials, outdated décor or children’s play items.
    2. Mow It!
      Give your lawn the proper trim. Trim edges of lawn and be rid of any weeds. Keep the lawn well watered, manicured and fertilized, but be wary of water usage- especially if you live in a state or region affected by drought. In this case, be water conscious and perhaps consider changing grass out for a rock or wood chip garden, which can be equally appealing!
    3. Remove the Strays!
      There might be stray weeds and plants growing through concrete or in driveways or looming over into these areas. Be sure not to overlook these items as cleaning them up can really add the feel of neatness and organization to the yard. Also, check walkways for stray plants and unsightly items.
    4. Enhance Your Door!
      The front door is, of course, the grand entryway to your home. This is the place to bring great first impressions to your guests and to really add a pop to your curb appeal. Don’t underestimate the power of a nice front door. First, be sure to keep it clean. You can add some fresh paint and even experiment with unique colors to really make it pop! You can also consider replacing it if your door doesn’t add to the appeal to your home. Also, be sure to have well kept door handles and consider adding a metal base for some grandeur.
    5. Prune! Prune! Prune!
      This is just as important as keeping a trimmed lawn! Be sure to prune all of your trees and bushes. Be sure to prune any dead or misplaced parts of trees and bushes. Doing this can help you avoid dropped leaves and debris on your lawn, but also will make your lawn look fresh and neat! You can also add seasonal flowers to really make your yard glow with color!
    6. Keep it fresh!
      Be certain to sweep often and wash down your home and driveway/walkways occasionally, while remaining water conscious. You may also consider power washing if needed. This can keep your property free from dust, dirt and other loose debris plaguing its appearance.
    7. Make it pop!
      Set your lot aside from the rest! Don’t be afraid to add unique items to your lawn to make it truly stand out. Consider a rock garden, a vintage bath tub planter, a bright piece or furniture set, a waterfall or rock garden, strung lighting or anything you can think of! Get creative and make your home POP!
    8. Tune up the Garage Door!
      Just as with your front door, your garage door can make a HUGE impact on the appearance of your property! As with your front door, be sure to keep your garage door clean. You can tune it up by simply adding a fresh coat of paint, or consider replacing it all together if you see fit! An automatic garage door can be safest and most beneficial to your needs.




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