Mid-Summer 2016 L.A. Home Price Update

    This summer is shaping up to be the best year in a long time to sell your home. In the top cities across the country, home prices are up by an average of 5% this year.

    There is very strong demand from home buyers and very few homes on the market compared to a few years ago.

    This is driving up prices and creating multiple offers, especially in entry and middle tier homes here locally in Los Angeles. As we wrote you at the beginning of June, the Federal Reserve hinted at raising interest rates in June, but they didn’t because “economic activity appears to have slowed.” While this may be true for our economy as a whole, it’s not true for home prices.

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    If you’ve been paying attention to the “Brexit” news as well, it’s now even cheaper for buyers to get a mortgage. Rates have just dropped considerably and are now at three-year lows.

    All together – with the relatively few homes for sale in Los Angeles, record low interest rates, quickly appreciating prices, and the future uncertainty of our economy as a whole – now is a great time to get your maximum selling price.

    Here’s our reason for writing you today…

    We have access to all of the Greater Los Angeles home sale data. It’s just been updated with the latest spring and summer home sale information for your neighborhood.

    Enter your home address here to instantly find out what it’s worth this summer.

    This nifty home value calculator will estimate your current home value based on your recent neighborhood sales prices and the economic trends we’re seeing in your area. Now, it won’t be perfectly accurate, but it’s close.

    If you’re reading this on your mobile phone, snap a few pictures of your home – especially your kitchen and bathrooms – and reply to this email with them. We can quite accurately predict your home selling price over the phone this way.

    We can also suggest a few low-cost home improvement tips to add thousands of dollars to your sales price since we know what the modern home buyer is looking for in the Greater Los Angeles area.

    Check out the free home value tool. Now is a great time to find out what your home is worth given all the recent home appreciation in the City.

    Call us at 310-432-5755 if you are thinking about selling your home this year. We’re here to help.

    If you want to buy a home, you can also search all homes for sale on the local MLS  just like we do!

    Stay cool this summer!

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