Key Signs that You Have a Drainage Problem

    Thinking you may have a drainage problem? If you have any of these issues, you are probably correct! Check out these key signs, brought to you by House Logic!




    1. Gutter Overflow
      Don’t underestimate your gushing gutters. If you see water overflowing or signs of mud streaks running down the side of your home, your gutters may be having draining issues. Solving this can be as simple as clearing out leaves or as complicated as having to replace your gutters which can be very pricey! You definitely want to take care of this issue before the overflow forces you to replace your siding.
    2. Dumping Downspouts
      Having downspouts that dump mass amounts of water too close to the foundation can sink your home so quickly into the ground and into some major debt! You want to catch this quickly and just add some simple downspout extensions before you end up having to shell out about $30,000 to fix your foundation and drainage issues.
    3. Cracks in the Foundation
      Cracks can be quite normal in the foundation. However, if you notice a crack that is more than 1/8″ wide, start to measure the crack every so often and if it continues to grow, you may have a more serious issue. Cracks can be caused by small issues such as newly poured cement, but if there is no clear cause, you may want to contact a structural engineer for an accurate assessment (about $300 expense).
    4. A Musty Mildewy Attic
      Every wondered if you might have a leaky roof? Check the attic. If you have mildew on the underside of the roof, this is a huge sign that you may have some faulty roofing. There’s a chance that this can be caused by something as simple as a bathroom fan spreading water around the attic ceiling or it can be an issue with your roof. From venting your fans to replacing your roof sheathing/shingles, you may have to shell out anywhere between $200 – $9,000.
    5. Unsettled Soil
      If there is more soil on your driveway than in your lawn (we’re joking, but seriously), if you have a lot of soil in your driveway, you may have a drainage issue with your landscaping. You don’t want mulch and wood chips hovering around your property. You may want to have a landscaper come and help create a soil mound or hollow ditch to prevent improper drainage. Worse comes to worst, you may have to rebuild a patio or do some more serious work.



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