Kat Von D Buys Massive Hancock Park Home!

    In an article by Curbed, we learned that reality star, celebrity tattoo artist and makeup mogul, Kat Von D, just purchased a mansion in Hancock Park for $6.5 million, much lower than the original $8.195 million asking price. The impressive home was originally built by Isaac Newton Van Nuys, a San Fernando Valley land baron.


    The mega mansion was built in the 1890’s and expanded to 27,000 square feet by 1915. It holds 11 bedrooms, a grand entryway, pool and back yard with a red-brick path. Kat Von D also redesigned her Spanish-style home in Hollywood to be her very own gothic oasis. As Kat Von D is no stranger to putting her own spin on interior design of a home, it’s safe to assume that this home will be designed with Kat’s unique touch.

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