How to Protect Your Home for the Holidays

    This article by House Logic showed us how to ward off any Grinches and Scrooges on Christmas! Be sure to take the following steps to protect your homes during the holiday season! If you don’t possess the same handy skills as Kevin McCAllister from Home Alone, you’ll heed our advice!


    1. Don’t Share Your Location!
      If you’re going out of the town for the holidays, don’t share it with the whole world – and by this, we are especially talking social media. Announcing that you are away or going out of town makes your home wide open to intruders. You never know who is checking your “check ins” so be cautious about how much info you share online.

      Takeaways: Don’t check in when you’re out of town. Don’t mention about the gifts you are giving or receiving. Watch out who is following you on social media. It can be best to friend only your friends and family if you will be sharing any personal information.

    2. Lock up!
      As simple as this is, sometimes it’s easy to miss a lock when leaving your home. Be sure to lock all doors, windows or any possible entryways to your home when you leave. Unsecured entries lead to 40% of burglaries.

      Takeaways: Lock all entryways to ward off unwanted guests!

    3. Stop ‘Em in Their Tracks!
      It’s best to ward off burglars/intruders BEFORE they even approach your home. You can do this by installing motion detector lights or cameras/motion sensors.

      Takeaways: Make sure all motion detector lights, cameras and motion sensors are visible from the road. You may even want to consider installing a home security system with visible cameras and signs in your yard.

    4. Don’t Forget the Garage!Your garage may house many valuable items, or even worse, may provide a direct entryway to your home if it is attached. Don’t forget to secure your garage by taking safety measures.

      Takeaways: Secure your garage by locking the doors with a lock at all times when not in use. Make sure that you do not have your automatic garage door opener visible in your parked car. Just in case, avoid keeping sentimental/valuable items in the garage.

    5. Make Sure Your Tree is Present Free!
      We know the tree looks so much better with presents under it, but… If you are displaying your tree for the neighbors to see, make sure your tree is present free!

      Takeaways: Don’t tempt passersby with a tree adorned in gifts. Wait until Christmas Eve to put the gifts beneath the tree!


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