How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution…According to Science!

    new year resolution

    Scientists say you can’t rely on willpower this year to keep your New Year’s Resolution…it simply won’t work! What should you do then?

    Follow these 10 suggestions for a better start to 2016:

    1) If possible, make only one resolution – changing a lot of things at once is more difficult.

    2) Think about your resolutions in advance, and spend some time to reflect on them.

    3) Don’t re-visit past failures, but focus on new resolutions instead.

    4) Focus on what you really want – don’t just go with what’s trendy.

    5) Break your goal into manageable, concrete steps with specific deadlines.

    6) Go public – tell your friends, family, social networks about your goals, which will increase your fear of failure and also garner support.

    7) Create a checklist focusing on how much better your life will be once you’ve achieved your goals.

    8) Whenever you make progress on the steps towards your goal, give yourself a small reward.

    9) Document your journey – charts, spreadsheets, journals and other means of tracking your progress will keep it concrete.

    10) Don’t beat yourself up and quit if you sometimes revert to old habits – treat it as a temporary setback.


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