How to Choose the Right Neighborhood for Your Future Home!

    Location, Location, Location!

    You know how the saying goes. When choosing to buy a home, location really couldn’t be any more important. Choosing the perfect neighborhood can be challenging, but we’re here to help you with the most important factors to consider when choosing the location of your future home!

    Topography and Geography
    Considering how the geography of your home will affect your budget. This can mean the cost or maintenance or the risk for natural disasters. Consider how the neighborhood will affect the type of homeowners insurance. Consider whether your future home is in a landslide or flood zone.


    Property Taxes
    Consider how property taxes can affect your budget. Check out this simple property tax map to help you find out what property taxes are in your neighborhood. You might also be able to search other online resources for property taxes at specific addresses.


    Property Value
    Ask your Realtor® about this factor of your prospective home. Get a good idea of the value of the homes in the area. Ask about comps and projected growth rate.


    School Zones
    If you are a parent, or planning on starting a family, school zones will be of great importance to you! Check out the schools in your prospective neighborhood and consider what schools your child might be attending based on your school district. Also, consider your location in relation to local community, centers and parks that would be of importance to your family. These also may increase the value of your home.


    Safety and Crime
    Get a better idea of the level of safety in your considered neighborhood. It is important to decide what level of crime you can accept for the neighborhood in which you wish to live. In this situation, your agent can guide you to various resources to help you answer questions about the neighborhood, but can’t offer an opinion about this as per the Fair Housing Act.


    Be sure to ask your TBG Homes agent about other factors to consider when selecting the neighborhood that’s perfect for you based on your individual wants and needs!




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