Homeowner Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Home!

    Have you ever wondered how to make your home more friendly for your furry family members?

    We’ve got some great tips below to make your home more pet friendly!


    Some of our furry family members love cozying up to our walls, which could mean damage such as scuffs and discoloration. If you are interested in getting the best paint to protect your walls, consider buying a semi-gloss paint. This paint is much easier to clean than flat paints. If you feel that semi-gloss just doesn’t go well with your décor, try asking your local hardware store about scrubbable flat paints.


    With pets, damage to flooring can be inevitable. If you have wood flooring, your floor can be subject to stains, scuffs and scratches, which can have you contemplating replacing your flooring. Before making the replacement, consider treating your floor. For urine stains, try mixing a solution of 30% white vinegar and 70% warm water. Blot with a rag then give your floor about 24 hours to react before seeing the true results.

    If you decide to refinish your floor, try refinishing with a color that is close to the original wood color so that future scuffs are less noticeable.

    Finally, if you decide to replace your flooring altogether, consider a more durable and easy to clean surface such as hickory or Brazilian wood , or even a porcelain tile flooring which looks just like hardwood can be easiest to clean.


    Plant Care
    Pets just love to explore, and this includes exploring with their taste buds! This can be dangerous when it comes to household plants as pets can be tempted to eat plants and/or soil that can be poisonous. To avoid any unsafe encounters, be sure to research your household plants to see which are potentially hazardous. Immediately remove plants such as chrysanthemums, tulips, calla lilies, daffodils, English Ivy or poinsettias. Replace with pet friendly plants such as bamboo, ferns, orchids or succulents.


    Always have a large bowl of fresh water for your pets to drink at all times of the year. Make sure you place the water in a shady spot so the water and your pet can stay cool.

    For dogs that like to dig, use soft rubber mulch around your plants to avoid paw splinters. To avoid the digging of holes, create a mixture of water and jalapeño and apply on and around your plants with a spray bottle.

    Your dog may be digging because they are bored. Be sure to keep toys your dog enjoys to play with around the yard.

    Finally, make sure that your pets have a cool and shady designated rest area in their yard for them to escape the heat and relax!






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