Helpful Hacks to Help You Move!

    Moving to a new place can be a hassle, but we’ve found some amazing tips from House Logic to help make your move more smooth!

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    1) Photograph Before You Pack!

    Photograph your room setup before you get packin’. This will help you to remember where you put everything in your old place so that you can get your new place set up quicker.


    2) $20 in 20 Minutes 

    Get rid of the stuff that is replaceable and that you really don’t need! House Logic suggests that you follow the $20 in 20 Minutes rule when trying to decide whether or not you really want to keep something. This means if you can replace the item for less than $20 and in less than 20 minutes, it’s best to just get rid of it!


    3) Roll Your Cords

    When packing your power cords, keep them untangled by following this helpful tip! Neatly wrap up your power cords, then use old toilet paper rolls to help keep your cords separated and untangled.


    4) Tape Your Cords

    Be sure to tape your cords to the product they belong to. This will help them from getting damaged or getting in the way during the moving process.


    5) Build a Packing Toolbox

    Create an on-the-go toolbox to specifically help you with moving and packing/unpacking. Include items such as tape, a box cutter, labels, scissors, twine and other packing supplies you may need. Carry this with you between trips.


    6) Don’t Pack It If You Can Wrap It!

    Why not pack the whole drawer if you can? Wrap your drawer in plastic wrap as long as you will be packing it upright and securely. This will ensure that the drawers don’t open on the trip and you can save yourself the hassle of wrapping up the contents.


    7) Color Code Your Boxes

    Color Code your boxes! You can do this by applying a small swatch of different colored tape to each box then assign a tape color to each room in the house. This will help you to save tons of time when moving by having each box go to the correct room without having to label and read everything by name. It will also help the movers quickly place each box in the right room!


    8) Keep ‘Em Hanging

    Keep your clothing on their hangers. You can assure they stay in their place by stringing garbage bags through a bundle of hangers and tying them at the top to keep them together.


    9) Don’t Let It Leak

    Keep your liquids from leaking by simply uncapping each liquid item, placing a piece of plastic wrap over the neck of the bottle, then putting the cap back on over the plastic wrap.


    10)  Make Your Own Handles

    Cut slits in your boxes that will create handles in the sides, making your boxes easier to lift.


    11) Stack Your Belongings

    Pack your boxes in layers. Do this by adding a piece of cardboard over each layer of packed items. This will allow you to maximize your space in your packing materials.


    12) Pack and Roll!

    Use your rolling luggage to pack your heavier and sturdier items. Your back will thank you later!


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