Has the L.A. Real Estate Market Peaked?

    Has the L.A. Real Estate Market Peaked? from Danny Batsalkin on Vimeo.

    Our clients, friends, and colleagues keep asking, has the real estate market in L.A. peaked? Tune into this brief video for a full assessment of L.A.’s summer market, where things stand now, and what we can expect in the coming months. Danny Batsalkin of TBG HOMES addresses all this in addition to the pros and cons to being a Seller or Buyer in today’s market!

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    2 Responses to “Has the L.A. Real Estate Market Peaked?”

    • Johnny S

      Written on

      Great video Danny, I couldn’t agree more about the average cycle, and you just never know, you have to take advantage of what’s being offered now, like increased affordability due to incredibly low interest rates!

    • Tarik

      Written on

      Economy always a little uncertain during election year.


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