Epic Curb Appeal FAILS to Avoid When Selling Your Home!

    Do you have an epic curb appeal fail? The first step is to admit you have a problem…
    Here are some epic fails to avoid when it comes to the curb appeal of your home!


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    1. It’s on the inside (and the outside) that counts…
      So your interiors are impeccably designed, your taste in paint colors and textiles is fabulous. But while you were spending all that time picking the perfect wallpaper, did you forget to mow the lawn? What good does it do your home if it’s gorgeous on the inside, but your neighbors think your home is a dump. Whether it’s a chain link fence or an un-manicured lawn, make sure your home reflects on the outside, the beauty that exists on the inside! Can you imagine seeing listing photos of the inside of your dream home only to see a disaster on the outside? Yeah, that would be bad.
    2. Don’t have a “trashy” home.
      Are trash cans the first thing you notice when you come home? And worse- are they overflowing trash cans? Don’t have a “trashy” home. This is a fairly simple fix. Don’t let your trash overflow. No one wants to see last night’s pizza boxes spread out across your lawn! Just as important – keep your trash cans out of sight! Even if your house is dazzling, the first thing spectators are likely to notice is your gaudy trash cans!
    3. Sometimes the glass really is half empty.
      You’ve heard of the expression, “the glass is half full.” However, when your home is only half-way renovated, the glass seems to lean more to the side of being “half empty.” No one wants to see a home in half of its glory! Don’t leave your home half painted or your roof half-done! You might see the vision of your home’s full potential, but prospective home buyers sure won’t! Be sure to finish any incomplete projects before putting your home on the market.
    4. Drop those pink lawn flamingos! Everything is going to be OKAY!
      No one likes a kitschy pink lawn flamingo like we do (on postcards.) On actual yards, not so much. So drop that purple paint that you were going to slab onto your front door, and don’t even think about using ultra bright colors on your trim. Make wise design decisions for your curb appeal. Your neighbors and your potential home buyers will thank you for it.
    5. Is that Death Valley on your lawn?
      Deserted wastelands are great… for the silver screen, but not for your front yard. You don’t have to break the bank to add some life to your yard. In fact, go the modern minimalist route and add some shrubs, succulents, and a few flower beds and you’re back in business!
    6. Avoid the front porch flea market look.
      Knick knacks are awesome, just not when they’re sprawled across your front porch in the masses! If your neighbors are constantly wondering whether or not you’re having a yard sale, you need to minimize your decor! Instead, make sure your porch is decorated simply and tastefully,  keeping knick knacks at a minimum.

    Now, if you’re guilty of any of these fails, follow this handy dandy list and your home will be roping in potential home buyers by the dozen!

    Read the full article from our source on Realtor, here.


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