Don’t Miss the Movies this Weekend!

    Wondering what movie to catch this weekend? We’ve got the list of the top movies for you to check out!


    The Boss Baby
    If you’re looking for something lighthearted and fun to watch this weekend, try out this animated comedy about the impact a baby makes on a family. This one might be extra fun for the kids in your life!




    Beauty and the Beast
    We don’t have to explain what this one’s about, but it’s safe to say that this movie is sure to bring back some childhood magic and nostalgia for those who see it. Watch this animated classic come to life in this new live action rendition!



    Power Rangers
    We can guarantee that these Power Rangers aren’t quite like the ones you grew up with, but we are hopeful that this film will be able to live up to the Power Ranger legacy! Catch it with some friends or family for a spin on this old school classic!




    Ghost in the Shell
    If you’re looking for some action this weekend, catch Scarlett Johansson as she lights up the screen in her role as a “cybernetically enhanced” policewoman who hunts down a mind-controlling terrorist!




    Did you know that there was life on Mars before, but a life form caused a planetary extinction. Now that same life form is threatening Earth and it’s up to a crew on the International Space Station to save us! Well, that’s according to the plot in this movie. Sci fi fans, commence!




    Fate of the Furious (Opens April 14th)
    This one doesn’t open for a couple of weeks, but we thought it was worth the mention. If you thought this fast and furious saga was through, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Early critics of this film are calling it “perfection,” but you can see for yourself this weekend! Thanks to an Instagram post by Vin Diesel himself, we’ve learned that there are still two more films to look forward to for this franchise.




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