Decorating Do’s and Don’ts for Small Spaces

    Want to know the best way to decorate a small space without creating clutter? Check out these helpful tips we found on HGTV!


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    Don’t crowd the room with too many patterns!                                                                                                                     Instead, use one pattern as a focal point of your room and fill the rest of the space with neutrals.

    Use the back of your door for some extra space!
    You can use a hanging storage solution on the back of your door for added storage space for anything from shoes to jewelry to personal hygiene items.

    One color is just fine!
    Painting the room all one color can really open up the space. This includes painting the same color all the way up to the ceiling if you feel like.

    There’s a wall for that!
    Use your walls to maximize space but adding floating shelves or even collapsable floating desks that fold back into the wall if need be.

    Don’t clutter your tables!
    Keep table tops free from the clutter of lamps, frames or other items you don’t need. A clean table means a more open room!

    Use the Foyer!
    You can use it as a place for a desk, or storage. Don’t underestimate the potential of this space! It can really open up the rest of the home!

    Stay astray from super sofas!
    Do not buy an oversized sofa! This will dramatically decrease the size of your living room space. Instead buy a sofa that’s functional, but minimal in size and style.

    Store stuff under the bed!
    Don’t forget about this important space. Using it can really free up other storage spaces. Depending on how much of the bottom of your bed shows, you can even get fashion forward bins for an added design flare.

    No cabinets in a small restroom!
    Do not waste the space in your restroom by cramming cabinets in there! Instead, use small hanging storage solutions that can be used to hold all of your toiletries and other essential items. These can stick to the walls of your shower or even near your sink or just about anywhere and will be a huge space saver!

    Get stylish with storage!
    Just because it’s for storage, doesn’t mean it won’t look great! Don’t give up style for storage. Try using woven baskets or other shabby chic and stylish solutions and placing them throughout the space.


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