Best Breweries in SoCal!

    There are a TON of breweries to choose from in California and the fixation with beer and specifically, craft beer, doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. In fact, there are nearly 500 breweries across California, so we know it’s impossible to say what the absolute best breweries are in California. However, we can confidently say, these are some pretty d@mn good ones!


    Phantom Carriage Brewery and Blendery
    Are you looking for some devilishly good beers and some equally incredible aesthetics? Halloween is everyday at the Phantom Carriage Brewery. Don’t worry though, the drinks, snacks and prices aren’t scary at all. You can try all sorts of beer for ghoulishy great rates. This horror themed brewery focuses on creating “clean beers” through top notch fermentation processes. This hidden gem is filled with classic horror movie themed decor and even has it’s own theater, which hosts “Wednesday Night Thrillers” every Wednesday. For a wicked good time, you don’t want to miss out on this place!
    Gardena, CA

    Smog City Brewing
    Take a trip down to Torrance for this family owned and loved brewery! You can enjoy a tour of the brewery and most importantly, some delicious brews. Enjoy their experimental selection of coffee beers, sours, blondes, porters, pilsners and more! Get great prices on flights. If you have a designated driver, you and your company might even enjoy a super flight so you can taste it all!
    Torrance, CA

    Santa Barbara Brewing Company
    The Santa Barbara Brewing Co. has been open for over 6,000 consecutive days (since 1995, that is.) This brewery has been around the block quite a few times and remains a local favorite for Santa Barbara natives and visitors! You can enjoy delicious food and drinks up front or head back to the lounge for some pool! This brewing company is not limited to beer. In fact, they have a drink for everyone!
    Santa Barbara, CA

    Santa Maria Brewing Company
    The Santa Maria Brewing Company has owned  up to the name “The best little brewery nobody knew about.” With a selection of great beer and a lot of heart, this brewery wants to live up to it’s image as a hidden gem and it sure does. Those who are fortunate to stumble upon it just love this place. Oh, and because we’ve got your back… we found you a great Groupon deal for it here. Enjoy!
    Santa Maria, CA

    The Bruery
    This “bruery” is known to outsiders as a staple when they’re thinking about “Orange County craft beer. The Bruery gets it’s name from founder, Patrick Rue’s surname (get it? – “bRUEry”). Take a drive down to Placentia and enjoy a wide selection of delicious beers. If you want something really special, the sours are tRUEly the star of the show!
    Placentia, CA

    You can thank Cal State Fullerton Entrepreneurship student, Aaron Barkenhagen, for using his schooling to build a business plan to create this Fullerton gem. In 2008, after much work and planning, the Bootlegger’s Brewery became a reality and opened it’s doors. Take a Metro ride and land almost at the front door of this place (not quite, but you know what we mean) and enjoy pilot batches of beer including sours, English mild, rye IPA, and more for incredible prices! This place is known for it’s wild experiments and crazy concoctions!
    Fullerton, CA

    Ballast Point Brewery and Spirits
    Only few local companies can say they rival this company for variety of beers and Ballast Point is second to none in San Diego for the amount of styles of beers. You can get ales, lagers, IPAs, imperial stouts, smoked beers, barrel-aged beers, chili beers and the list goes on. Just because there is a huge selection, doesn’t mean they aren’t well crafted either! In fact, they’re pretty excellent! Ballast Point is definitely making their name known in the SD area!
    San Diego, CA

    Societe Brewing Company
    Two buddies, Travis Smith and Douglar Constantiner, had a passion for brewing and together, are making their names known across the SD brewing scene with their collaborative Societe Brewing Company. At Societe, you can enjoy Belgian Ales, Stouts and more! In fact, they uniquely divide their beers into four styles: Out West, Old World, Stygian and Feral. What does that mean? Find out on their site or pay them a visit and see what surprises are in store!
    San Diego, CA







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