Avoid These Mishaps and Make Summer a Breeze!

    It’s that time of year again! You may be fantasizing about the summer sun, tans, swimming, BBQs and more… we’re here to kindly remind you of the not so “fun in the sun” things that summer brings along!

    Thanks to these helpful tips from HouseLogic, you’ll know just how to avoid the most annoying summer mishaps!


    Yikes! There is nothing more frustrating then getting bitten while you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors (or even indoors at times)! What can you do about it besides douse yourself in bug spray?

    Clean out your gutters! Gutters can be the ultimate breeding ground for mosquitoes, so be sure to get those gutters spic and span for the summer to prevent them from accumulating around your home.

    Use your fans! Mosquitos dislike wind, so while you probably will already be getting some good use out of your fans in the summer, you will also be blocking the bites as well!


    Carpenter Ants and Bees

    Think these critters are just an irritating fact of summer? They can give you a whole lot more headaches then you imagine. Did you know that these carpenters commonly make nests by burrowing themselves into wood in your home? Though they may seem harmless, these ants and bees can cause a lot of damage.

    How can you protect your home from damage?

    Seal or paint all exposed wood! This helps prevent burrowing!
    Keep all wood in your home dry! Gutters are one way to keep the wood in your home dry!
     While sealing and keeping your wood dry and sealed will help protect your home, you have to make sure that if there are any present colonies, that you must get rid of them! Try using insecticide dust or boric acid to pour into the whole where colonies are present.

    AC Troubles

    Is your AC making you freeze in one room, but making you sweat in other. There’s a way to help spread that cool air around!

    Check ductwork! Take time to carefully check for unsealed joints in your ductwork. If you want to be more confident in your search, hire a professional and they can make sure that your ducts are sized correctly. Both unsealed joints and duct size can impact the AC’s effectiveness in cooling each room.

    Set each vent to “on!” Don’t want to turn on all of the vents because you aren’t using every room. However, having all of your vents on will allow the cool air to circulate continuously throughout the home without pushing around warm portions of air.


    Fruit Flies

    Yuck! You know how it goes. You see one fruit fly in your home around your fruits and veggies and soon there is a swarm. These icky flies may not bite, but they sure are irritating to deal with.

    Keep your sinks and drains clean! Fruit flies can accumulate if there’s any food left behind. You can also pour boiling hot water or bleach down the drain to kill any eggs or adult fruit flies.
    Freeze your food waste. Freeze any food waste such as rotting fruit, meat scraps and more in a freezer bag until trash day.
    Trash overripe fruit. Get rid of all overripe fruit out of reach of fruit flies if you have any. Be sure to keep them in the fridge or in a sealed container.

    Slamming Screen Doors

    This is one of those things that you don’t realize is so bothersome until you start hearing it. If there are more children or guests present or even if you plan on walking in and outside more, you can bet that you are going to start getting frustrated with the slam of that screen door!

    Adjust the closer on your door. If you have this on your door, you can adjust the tension on the closer to keep it from slamming. If you don’t have one, you can expect to pay about $10 to $20 for this option.

    Apply felt pads to the door frame. We sort of prefer this option as it is likely quicker, easier, and cheaper.


    Sun Faded Furniture

    Don’t you just hate when this happens? The sun can be so strong sometimes that it can start to fade your textiles over time, or seemingly bleach them. What can you do to prevent this?

    Add window film. If your textiles are in door but in reach of direct sunlight, try adding a transparent window film. It blocks about 99% of UVA and UVB rays and is transparent without compromising on sunlight or the appearance of your glass windows and doors.

    Spray your textiles with protective sprays. You can spray your fabrics with UV-blocking fabric protector. You can also do this to protect your wood furniture from harsh sunlight.



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