7 Things You Should Do Every Sunday!

    What to do on Sunday

    Whether you like a good Sunday Funday, are reeling from the end of the NFL season, or feel like your weekends go by in a flash, here are 7 things you should work into your weekly Sunday routine. We guarantee you’ll have a better week ahead as a result!

    1. Spend some time alone.
    Why? It gives you the opportunity to reflect, clear your mind, improve your creativity, and do the things that you want to do. If you really want to enjoy your solitude, unplug during your alone time so that you aren’t bothered by email, text messages, and Facebook notifications.

    2. Pursue a passion.
    We all need a hobby that is going to recharge our batteries and spark our passion. Whether it’s writing, repairing an old car, painting, or hiking, you should use your free time on Sunday to do activities that you normally can’t during the work week.

    3. Get some exercise.
    Whether it’s kayaking, riding a bike, playing a game of basketball, or going to the gym, Sundays offer a great chance for you to get in a bit of exercise before you head back to the daily grind.

    4. Socialize and network at community events.
    Local community events are perfect opportunities for you to network and meet new people.Whether it’s at a county fair, a 5K fundraiser, or an art festival, there are plenty of influential community members at these events and you can take this chance to network with them.

    5. Do some maintenance.
    Maintenance can mean a lot of different things for people. It could literally mean cleaning up your office, home, or vehicle. It could mean personal grooming, like getting a haircut or manicure. Or, it could be cleaning out your inbox or scrolling through your social media accounts and connecting with the friends and family you’ve ignored during the week.

    6. Plan your upcoming week.
    Map out your entire week.  By doing this you accomplish and focus on the most pressing matters. Planning your week ahead of time will also save you throughout the week.

    7. Visit an open house. (OUR PERSONAL FAVORITE!)
    Stop by one or all of our open houses to see an array of homes for sale in the greater Los Angeles area. Open houses are a great way to get a pulse on the market in your neighborhood, to find design ideas for your own home, or to get expert knowledge about the real estate market…if you’re stopping by a TBG Homes open that is! Click HERE to see all the homes we have open this weekend!

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