6 Things You Should Do When You Move In!

    Moving into a new home? Make sure you have all of your bases covered with these 6 tips!

    1. Change Your Locks
      Ahhh… that wonderful moment when your keys get placed in your hands and you are finally a new homeowner. Now what? You head down to the local hardware store, or hop online, call a lock & key professional or whatever works best for you, and get yourself a new set of locks. The last thing you want to do is wake up in your new home with uninvited guests or your furniture missing! Do this as soon as possible.
    2. Check for Leaks
      This is a very important step to protect your new home from potential disasters. Make sure you check for plumbing leaks in your home. While your home inspector should have already done this, it never hurts to double check. Keep on the lookout for dripping faucets, running toilets, and potential water heater leakage. Correcting a small problem in early stages is much better than a catastrophe that could have been prevented.
    3. Clean Your Carpets
      Who would want to move in to a place with icky carpets? The carpet may or may not look clean upon moving in, but here’s nothing quite like knowing that the floors are spic and span and move-in ready! You can hire a professional carpet cleaner or rent a carpet cleaner and take care of the job yourself.
    4. Clear Out Your Cabinets
      Just like with your carpets, you just never know the job is done right with cleaning your cabinets unless you do it yourself. Make sure you wipe them down, preferably with non toxic cleaner. We hope that you won’t find any signs of critters, but if you do, we know what to do!
    5. Cut Out Critters
      While there are plenty of at home methods to cut the critters out of your home, you may not want to do deal with the hassle of at home remedies if you’re problem is beyond your patience and resources. Consider contacting a pest removal source, which, according to House Logic, can run you anywhere from $100-$300 for an initial consultation with monthly or quarterly follow ups running at about $50 monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs.
    6. Connect With Your Circuit Breaker
      Okay, not literally! But we do suggest that you get familiar with your circuit breaker. You never know when an emergency might turn up no matter how big or small. You also should investigate which switches control which parts of your home and label the circuit breaker accordingly. You’ll thank yourself later, we promise!


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